Black Eyed Peas To Headline One Of The Biggest Carnival Celebrations To Date In Playa Del Carmen

The 30th anniversary of the Playa del Carmen carnival is quickly approaching, and entertainment for the carnival has already been announced.  One of those announcements was that the American group Black Eyed Peas will be headlining what is going to be one of the biggest celebrations to date in Playa del Carmen.  Nearly $1.5 million USD has been spent on preparations for the carnival, which will feature a variety of forms of entertainment for locals and tourists.

Performers Near the Beach in Playa del Carmen

Carnival Dates

The Playa del Carmen Carnival typically takes place from mid-February until late February. This year it will take place over a seven-day period between February 14 to February 21, with the Black Eyed Peas performing on the 14th.  The exact dates for the carnival change every year but tend to fall within a pretty predictable timeframe.

The Location Of The Carnival

The carnival is spread out through different areas of Playa del Carmen, and usually, part of it will take place on the famous 5th Avenue, as it does this year.  This is where tourists and locals go to dine at restaurants, shop, visit bars, and enjoy entertainment in the city.  It connects to other streets where there is vibrant nightlife as well, allowing carnival goers to enjoy some of the best venues and establishments in Playa del Carmen while attending the carnival.

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Things To Know About the Carnival

The 2023 Playa del Carmen Carnival is a family event, so there will be no vendors serving alcohol at the carnival events.  Solidaridad Municipal President Lili Campos stated on her Twitter account that it will be a “carnival full of rhythm and joy.”  Local officials are also working on having public transportation times extended so carnival goers will have transportation back to their accommodations following the daily carnival events.

Other Entertainment At The Carnival 

The Black Eyed Peas will be the opening performance but will not be the only entertainment at the Playa del Carmen Carnival.  Other concerts and their dates include :

  • February 15 – The Los Angeles Azuls
  • February 16 – The Yerbabuena Group
  • February 18 – Mario Bautista
  • February 19 – Karenka
  • February 20 – DJ Victoria Volkova
  • February 21 – Los Súper Caracoles

There will be other performances in addition to these main concerts on each day of the carnival.

What Is The Carnival Like?

The Playa del Carmen Carnival is a celebration of culture, so there will be other events in addition to the musical performances.  There will be ballet presentations and other types of presentations throughout the week-long event.  A parade that will start on 5th Avenue and go down 38th Street will also feature dancers and students from local schools.

What To Expect If You’re In Playa Del Carmen 

The 5th Avenue area of Playa del Carmen is always busy with tourists and locals, but you can expect the area to be packed during the carnival.  At least 800 people are expected to be in the area, in addition to tourists visiting the area at the same time that the carnival takes place.  If you’re staying somewhere on the beach or a little outside of Playa del Carmen, it will be a little quieter and less crowded.

Getting To The Carnival From Cancun

If you’re visiting Cancun during the week of the carnival and want to get to Playa del Carmen to join in the festivities, there are options for taking a day trip.  Most forms of transportation from Cancun, including buses, taxis, and shuttles, provide transportation to Playa del Carmen.  Playa del Carmen is a little over an hour away from Cancun, but the time to get there varies depending on the form of transportation, so be sure to plan accordingly.

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